Sri Lankan Red Pork Curry

Sri Lankan red pork curry
Yields: 4 Servings

An easy and super delicious way to make Sri Lankan red pork curry with no oil added. You’d surprise how flavorful and aromatic this curry is.


The secret of this red pork curry is freshly made curry powder and longer cooking until the fat renders. Slow cooking makes the pork pieces more tender and flavorful too. I like to buy pork shoulder chop for this recipe since it has a good ratio of fat and meat. But you can choose any pork piece you like.

A sour ingredient is a must for this recipe. I use Garcinia cambogia also known as Goraka in Sri Lanka as it pairs nicely with pork. But if you can’t find Garcinia Cambogia (aka Goraka in Sri Lanka), you can use some white vinegar instead.

This Sri Lankan red pork curry is perfect to serve with bread and coconut sambol.





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  • Cut the pork into small 2 cm cubes.
  • Dry roast all the ingredients under spice mix until they are brown and aromatic. roast in medium heat and continuously stir to avoid burning.
  • Grind the roasted spices using a mortar and pestle or a spice grinder to make a powder. You would get about 2 tbsp of roasted curry powder. But you'd only need 1 tbsp. So reserve the rest for later.
  • Put the pork pieces into a pot with a thick bottom. Also add shallot, garlic, lemongrass, chili powder, piece of garcinia, curry leaves and salt.( I did now have curry leaves when I made this, but please add if you have any. they add a nice aroma)
  • Add a cup of water too.
  • Mix all the pork pieces well with the spices and other ingredients.
  • Cover and cook on medium low heat for about 30mins.
  • After 30 mins, open and check for salt and sourness. If you feel like it's sour enough, then remove the garcinia (goraka) piece.
  • Add about 3/4 cup of water again, cover, and cook on medium heat for another 20 - 30mins.
  • Turn off the heat when you get the desired thickness of the curry and oil separates.

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