Air-Fried Tandoori Chicken bites

Air-Fried Tandoori Chicken bites pinit

These air-fried tandoori chicken bites are so easy and so quick to make. Another healthy dish for a busy weeknight dinner. Good as it is or to serve with pulao and raita. Or you can serve it as an appetizer too.

I really hope you’d give this easy tandoori chicken bites recipe a try. You’d surprise how flavorful this is. The texture is also better than baked. The best part is, you don’t even have to turn on the oven. They only take about 10 mins in the air fryer. Seriously, tandoori chicken cannot get any easier than this.


There are few tips you have to follow when you make air-fried tandoori chicken bites.

  • use chicken boneless skinless chicken thigh pieces. not breast pieces. Since we don’t marinate these chicken pieces for a long time, it’s important to use thigh pieces to keep them moist. Chicken breast pieces tend to dry out really fast. You can use chicken with bones but then you have to adjust the air-frying time accordingly.
  • Do not overcrowd the pan with chicken pieces. Fry them in small batches.
  • Reduce the air frying time for the second batch. When you make the first batch of chicken, the air fryer isn’t preheater and it needs more time to reach the desired temp. But when you make the second batch the air fryer is already heated so you will definitely need less time than the first batch.
  • Shake the pan in between or flip the pieces halfway through for even frying.
  • Use food color if you’re looking for the restaurant style bright red color. I’m fine with the natural orange color I get with the spices.


Serving options/ideas:

Serve as an appetizer with a yogurt or mint dressing, some onion slices, and lime wedges.

Serve with pulao/pilaf rice and onion raita.

Make a chicken wrap with using a paratha or any other flatbread. use fresh cilantro, onion, and yogurt/mint dressing as well.

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Air-Fried Tandoori Chicken bites

Difficulty: Easy Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 10 min Total Time 20 mins Servings: 2



  1. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly together except oil.

  2. When they are well mixed, add about a tsp of oil. mix gently to coat all the chicken pieces with oil.

  3. Arrange the chicken pieces in the air fryer basket into one layer. Do not overcrowd the air fryer basket.

  4. Air fry for 6 - 8 mins on 390 F. take the basket out and flip all the pieces using a fork or a tong. And fry for 2 - 5 mins or until the chicken pieces are done. Reduce the air frying time for the next batches.

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