Vegan Easy Okra stir-fried

Easy Stir-fried okra (Vegan)

Quick and easy, this healthy vegan stir-fried okra dish is a favorite in my house. The best thing is you can either make this dish without slime or with slime. It all depends on the ingredients and the way you prepare it. Okra is a very nutritious vegetable that many people avoid buying but I …

Pork ribs curry

Instant Pot Pork Ribs Curry

Tender pork in a rich broth, this instant pot pork rib curry is so warm, hearty, super easy to make. It has a nice balance of flavors. Coconut milk adds a nice touch of creaminess. It’s aromatic with all the herbs and aromatics. The curry can easily be adjusted to make it spicier or with no spice at all. 

How I seasoned my wok

How I seasoned my wok

I got a new carbon-steel wok and thought I would share how I seasoned my wok this time. It’s wonderful cookware I think everyone who loves Asian food should own. You can never get the same results on stir-fried food from any other cookware as you’d get from a good wok.

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