Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for visiting my Blog. I’m Roshani Wickramasinghe. And this is my virtual comfort place where I share the best food I make every day. I’m a Sri Lankan and Sri Lankan food is specialty cause that’s what I grew up eating. I think Sri Lankan food is so underrated because it’s not widespread as other cuisines. And honestly, there aren’t many online resources to find out more about this amazing cuisine and food culture. My long term goal of making this blog is to have a good collection of the best Sri Lankan recipes that anybody can actually rely on. I hope one day I’ll get there… 

When I first moved to the United States, I only knew to cook eggs, lentil curry, rice, and coconut sambal. No kidding!  Being a big foodie, I spent every extra rupee I had to eat out when I was in Sri Lanka. But when I moved to the US, I only had a part-time job while I was completing my studies, So I had a really tight budget which made eating out too expensive. And there were no Sri Lankan restaurants. Not even within 100 miles. So whenever I wanted something Sri Lankan or something special, I had no other choice but to cook.  That’s how my whole cooking journey began. And I started loving making food. And it became my hobby after a while.

I’m mostly self-taught. I learned from my mom (mostly over the phone) and from cookbooks and youtube. I have no professional experience whatsoever. But I believe anyone can cook restaurant-quality dishes( or better) at home. Whenever I eat something from a restaurant I try to find an authentic recipe for that and recreate it at home. You’ll find so many restaurant-style dishes on the blog that I’ve tried and tested. I always try to find the best recipe for one particular dish. So all the recipes here are tested and retested number of times to make sure that they actually work. 

I hope you try these recipes and fall in love with Sri Lankan food as I have. Please do send me photos if you tried any recipes. Ask me anything if you have any questions about Sri Lankan food or any recipes here. I’d love to hear from you and have your feedback.  You can find my contact information on my contact us page.

Wanna hear a funny story before you leave?

 When I shopped curry powders and all Sri Lankan spices to bring with me to the States, the first time, I didn’t know how much I need. So this is how I calculated. 5g curry powder per meal * 3 meals a day * 365 days. LOL. So I bought about 5kgs of curry powder, 5 kgs of chili powder, 5 kilos of chili flakes, and many kilos of other Sri Lankan spices. Yes, I was so bullheaded and didn’t ask for my mom’s help. And Yes I brought a bag full of spices. Well, I cooked 99% of my meals at the time so I used a lot and I gave some to my co-workers and friends too. But honestly, I had to throw out so many because they didn’t last as long as I thought. 

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